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Thread: Third attempt at Black Diamond

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    Default Black Diamon Additional info

    Hi all, this is way after the fact perhaps, but I came across this thread and wanted to share what I know as I live here in Pearce.

    Black Diamond is on private property according to the locals. The land was previously owned by Jack Busenbark. His oldest daughter and his son now own different portions of the Black Diamond ranch. The daughter and her husband live in old town Pearce, and the brother lives up on the Black Diamond Ranch on Middle March Rd west of Pearce. The brother has the key to the gate and has always been friendly to the folks down here in sharring the key. In the litigious society we live in today, one can understand why they try to keep folks out. I am planning a visit there in the coming weeks and will post it if others would like to come on a trip to the Black Diamond Mine.

    For obviouse reasons I am not posting names here.

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    I'm in, give me a holler!
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    I'm in, too...If in FEB
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    I'd like to give it another try. Please let me know when you go. Thanks!

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    toefurr makes several good points about ranchers. The problem is they sometimes lease BLM land in a checkered board pattern, then lock up the whole shebang. Most of the time all you have to do is remember the western, (or anywhere else for that matter), basic rule for gates; "If it's closed when you get there, leave it thataway. If it's open, same thing."

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