Anyone else having trouble getting a meeting with Jack I. Box? For the last 10 years or so, no matter which of his fast-food places I go to, I usually ask to see Jack. They all have lame excuses, like he just left, or he's in his jet, or on vacation. Yet his ads leave one to believe he's readily accessible to everyone. I guess his head just got too big, and his ego took over.
But he has an annual meeting in Las Vegas, and maybe GaryB or someone else there could stalk him, and pass a message to him from me.
You can tell him, if he doesn't meet me pretty soon, I'll flush my head down the toilet, and the trauma will all be on his big head. Man, it gets my
dandruff up how some corporate bigwigs can be so arrogant.
Ummmm feeling much better now that I've had my tension/migrane meds. BUT JACK, I'M STILL MAD AT YOU SO WATCH OUT!