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Thread: wanted: ghost town info

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    Talking wanted: ghost town info

    Hi All:
    Probably a tired post to all you old members however, please humor me. Where are the closest ghost towns to Las Vegas??
    Love the place but need new things to do.

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    You'll have to head toward Beatty and the Bullfrog mining district in Nye County to find anything of real value, unless you are fullfilled with looking at mine shafts all day. Some good remains out in the Mojave Preserve too.

    If you have a 4X4 check out We hit up old mines, ranches, any historical interest around here.

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    Default rhyolite

    there is a GREAT ghost town near vegas called rhyolite. By far the best one I have been to. it is about 5 miles west of Beatty on highway 374

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    Default Old Mining Town near Nelson, Nevada

    if you go to Clark County in Nevada here in
    you will find information about Nelson, with easy to follow directions.

    I followed those directions from Las Vegas about two years ago and found Nelson, which does not really seem like a ghost town at all, but is cute and interestng.

    However, if you continue driving on the main road, you will find a ghost mining camp that is open for tourists. The pictures on the page for Nelson were actually taken here. You can tour the mine and explore the old buildings. A little ways past the mining camp there a bunch of abandoned airplanes, I don't recall the history of them but the proprieter of the mine tour can tell you about them. The mine tour is fun and interesting and the abandoned buildings in the camp are really neat.

    If you don't want to drive yourself, there are touring companies in Las Vegas that will take you right to this old mine in a "hummer".

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