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Thread: RE: ZZYXZ ghost town bogus

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    Oh the joys of finding those elusive Ghost towns. I agree that one source is never enough. Google maps , topo maps , old newspapers, old maps, old books, new books and the internet all aid in finding some of these locations. One of the best is to exchange information with like minded explorers. Some of my best leads for towns I have never seen come from friends I have met.
    Visit Colorado Ghost Towns at

    No Sales pitch just plenty of photos and stories.

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    I have been to Zzyzx, it took my about 3 tries to finally find it. Once I did I felt stupid that I hadn't found it before.
    Here is my trip report:

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    Yeah I live close to the Cal location but have not been out there yet. I believe the original thread referred to a ZZyzx in Colorado? It seems unlikely that there would be more than one Zzyzyx, but you never know. As for the condition of this site it's a little disappointing that the pages are not being updated or maintained.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darius View Post
    bad bob,

    Thanks for that. I live 1 mile east of Ramah myself. I just moved here and thought it was interesting that there was supposed to be a ghost town that close to me.

    What really got me, is that after looking around from this place and several buildings found on arieal Photos. I also noticed that in the history of this supposed place they mined gold and copper.

    Being a part time prospector, I realized in my look about that the terrian is not suitable for such mining. In other words Coal yes. mining gold and copper on the plains seems less plausible.

    That and the fact there are no streets with names as those out this way, leaves me to the conclusion that this place is a hoax and should be removed from the site ASAP.

    With gas prices, as high as they are, people don't need to be wasting thier gas and time coming out here looking for a place that only exists in the hoaxers mind.


    Hey, Darius!

    How interesting to find that somebody lives near Ramah. I've wanted to go there to take pictures for a very long time. I'd be driving down from Denver and want to make sure it's worth the trip. I sure like it is, even it's not true anymore that there's untouched merchandise in a long-abandoned general store.

    Someone else here write that Google Earth is not a good way to locate or verify ghost town locations. I agree. But sometimes Google maps have a street view option that lets you get a pretty good idea what a town looks like.

    For instance, Ramah has some ruins at the corner of Pikes Peak Avenue and Rock Island. There are three or four old business establishments there, and possibly some old houses behind. Going around the bend to 1st Street and S. Commercial, you find some more on Commercial to the south (around the post office in every direction). If you go east on 2nd Street to Cedar and down to Main, that section has another cluster of old commercial buildings. I can't tell much about the houses. Most seem occupied.

    But if I drove to Ramah, and stopped maybe at one other town during the day, do you think it would it be worth the trip?

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