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Thread: Are all the good sites in So. AZ off limits?

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    Some of the ruins are obviously on private property in Gleeson. One is someone's side yard. The others are off on the side of the road. The jail has been restored, reclaimed or whatever you want to call it. It does not look the same anymore. You'll see what I'm talking about. I don't know if they charge you to go in or not. As for the other buildings, we walked all around them and in them except for the general store (it's chained up) and took pictures. If you go through Tombstone to get there from Gleeson Rd. you have to stop at the Rattlesnake Crafts place. It looks creepy in a "The Hills Have Eyes" kinda way, but it's really cool. Lots of weird, interesting stuff that's been collected from all over.
    I was also looking at an old ghost town book that I got at a junk store and there was a section on Gleeson. The picture was old and it looked like the general store in Gleeson used to be much bigger than it is now.
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    Goat i feel the same way you do been here 30 plus years.............................BEAR
    just a old hillbilly looking to see what i can see

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    Default Gleeson

    I will be coming from Tombstone and will stop and check out that place.
    The last time i was there the saloon was opened and an old miner lived there and had mined coal from the now ghost town of Thurber Tx. I at the time lived 8 miles from there and had something in common with him. After talking for a while i was able to get permission to check out some of the mine dumps. It would be nice to get to do that again.

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