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Thread: Back from E. WA. GT trip

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    Default Back from E. WA. GT trip

    We just got back from a 10-day trip. Spent some time doin' the GT thing, a little family time and other stuff, too.

    We stayed outside of Republic - not a GT but good buildings and history. There is a place there that you can dig for fossils from an old lakebed. That was great. I even found part of a leaf! (Hey, how many 50 million year old leaves have you found?)

    The trip was laid out to cross as many GT locations as we could (with a minivan and two kids). We did get to Molson. While it's not as ghosty as I like it was something that I wanted to see. The old school was turned into a museum and it was done really well.

    We also drove through Bodie - couple of houses, outbuildings, a school I think.

    Saw lots of great empty buildings along the way - not really towns but homesteads or barns, a couple of old schools out in fields.

    We went through Malo - neat store in operation since 1903, Curlew - fantastic buildings but not empty, Chesaw - not much there, and a couple more that there was little or nothing to see.

    Also, we stopped in Concrete. That is not a ghost but the old concrete plant is empty and part of it is on a park lot now. We also ran across the old schools. Three of them. It looked like they were built as room was needed. One was an old frame wood building and the other two were concrete. The larger of the two was boarded up and it looked like at one time someone had tried to turn it into a castle. The other one - maybe early 1900s- 1920s - had a door open. You know I had to go in. It looked like part of it was being used as rental units and part of it looked like a flop. The interior was interesting but I refused to go down the dark urine smelling hall, so we'll never know what wonders I missed!

    Home was along Hwy 2 through hay and wheat fields. We did not stop along the way but I will be going back! There were many old empty farms, a few cemeteries in the middle of fields and at least one school or church building standing open.

    All in all, a fantastic trip. Lots of photos, too. When I get stuff unpacked I'll post a photo or two.

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    Welcome back...sounds like a great trip, (even with the two kids and a mini van) Congrats on finding your fossilized leaf, I've been a rockhound since I was ten years old and have never found a fossil. Hurry and unpack so we can see the pictures!

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