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Thread: Ballad of The Lousy Miner

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    Default Ballad of The Lousy Miner

    I found this link while searching for something else and it led me to look for the complete lyrics to "The Lousy Miner" a rather poignant ballad.
    I don't have a clue who this site belongs to, but it's got some interesting California history.

    "The Lousy Miner," first published in John A. Stone's Original California Songster (1855).


    It's four long years since I reached this land
    In search of gold among the rocks and sand,
    And yet I'm poor, when the truth is told,
    I'm a lousy miner, I'm a lousy miner
    In search of shining gold.

    I've lived on swine till I grunt and squeal,
    No one can tell how my bowels feel
    With flapjacks swimming round in grease...
    When will my troubles cease?

    I was covered with lice coming on the boat
    I threw away my fancy swallow-tail coat
    And now they crawl up and down my back...
    A pile is all I lack.

    My sweetheart vowed she'd wait for me,
    Till I returned, now don't you see?
    She's married now, so I am told, left her...
    In search of shining gold.

    O land of gold, you did me deceive,
    And I intend you my bones to leave
    So farewell home, now my friends grow cold...
    In search of shining gold.

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    This would make an excellent Bob Dylan song...
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