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    Default Looking for Land

    I am looking for land with or without home on it. Hoping for easy owner financing, and can fix up if it has old home or homesite. I am looking to live in the way of the old west and if enough land to do a wild horse sanctuary and special needs kids camp.

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    Depending on where you are at and want land at, a few places I check are:

    and surprisingly eBay has some good plots

    Also check with your local BLM office, they have land sales sometimes that regular folk can afford. Also check the county. Lots of land is available sometimes for back taxes.
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    Default montana land

    i bought 20 acres of grassland in montana from for 40k a couple years back. my horses love it.

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    Bought our 80 acres by Duchesne, UT from Mountains West Ranches about 4 years ago for $70,000. Now five acre parcels out there are skyrocketing up to $20,000, so we have been considering selling, but not sure yet.

    Rachel in Utah

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    If enough of us crazies keep selling our appreciating assets, who knows Rach, we might be able to buy the next GT that comes up for sale!
    Let's put in an offer on Rocky Bar. You guys from Utah don't even need a visa! I am sure you'd do a great "dance hall gal" gig!!!
    I volounteer to keep the stoves burning in winter and entertain the customers when y'all are out skiing!
    You should hear mah Amurahcain ax-ent! I was taught by experts!
    b.t.w - Gravelrash is feeling VERY good today - my AFL team, the Geelong Cats - just won the Grand Final, 30 mins ago, ending a 44 year hoodoo. Not only did we win, we won by the greatest ever GF margin, 119 points!'s a double header weekend; I'm actually a far more rabid Rugby League fan and TOMORROW is the NRL Grand Final, and the Melbourne Storm are playing the Manly (Sydney) Sea Eagles. Big weekend???? You betcha! Go Storm! (My bet? Storm by 8+)
    None of which, has anything to do with ghost towns, I know, but it's a lot of fun when it's raining cats and dogs outside, the temp has plummeted to 11C and you can't "go bush". It's actually been raining here for about 2 weeks, intermitently but heavily, so who can compain? Last year we had bush fires such as haven't been seen since the 1930's, and we lost a lot of history in the various conflagrations, so.....let it rain!

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    Default New Mexico land is cheap still

    You should try New Mexico as land can still be bought fairly cheap, especially in Hidalgo County. (Lordsburg is the county seat.)
    I once had the same dream of buying a ranch and turning it into a wild horse ranch as a reserve to protect them. I grew up on America's largest ranch which originally covered five states, the original Diamond A.
    It was two and a half times larger than all of the Ted Turner's land, but unlike Turner our family did not advertise that fact.

    I would type in "New Mexico acreage/land for sale" on the internet and you will come up with many large parcels of land for sale. If you type in "New Mexico ranches for sale" you will find many.
    Land in New Mexico is cheaper than most states and property taxes are very low.

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    Smile land for sale

    Hi , I know of lots of land that can be had cheep in texas. in a beautiful setting I found it on ebay and then drove there to see it.

    with a few hundred dollars down I now own 35 acres for dirt cheep

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    Hey Marc. Where did you buy your dirt......Speedy

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