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Thread: town of Gleeson and Pearce jails NOW OPEN

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    Exclamation town of Gleeson and Pearce jails NOW OPEN

    They are planning on being open the first Saturday of every month.

    I was there this past Saturday by chance, took the Middlemarch Road scenic drive from Tucson & ended up at Pearce.
    Anna greeted us at the jail and took us inside & told us how they had to break into the jail because they didn't have the key. She had pictures inside & The Ghost Town Trail News for sale and they have a box for donations (it's free to go there). She let us take pictures, we posted them on facebook.

    Then she told us the Gleeson jail was open as well so we drove down Ghost Town Trail, passing Courtland on the way.

    Joe is the owner/sheriff... He grew up there; his dad was the old store owner. He had a different copy of The Ghost Town Trail news so we bought a copy & put money in his donation box as well. He has maps of the buildings with some info on them but Joe (and his son) has a lot more info to tell-he grew up there. You can walk around & look at the buildings and he even made a picnic area up on the hill-you can drive up & eat your lunch looking down on the 'town'.

    He has so much stuff-pictures & other paraphenilia in the jail and he has a website.

    Again, we took a lot of pictures and posted them on facebook.

    Search facebook with the words 'gleeson ghost town' or if I get requests, I'll try & post some of them here.
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