Hi there I'm new to the site.

I'm planning a summer 2 week road camping trip to the Kootenays to explore ghost/gold towns and hot springs. I want books that give directions and historical info/pics of what the towns use to be like so I can plan out an effective route.

I've done some web research for books and have located the following suggestions:

1) British Columbia ghost town atlas (Paperback)
by Garnet Basque

2) Ghost Towns and Drowned Towns of the West Kootenay
Author: Elsie Turnbull

3) Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns: East Kootenay, Boundary, West Kootenay, Okanagan & Similkameen Author: N.L. Barle

Please let me know if those will meet my need and/or if there is any other book that I should be considering.

Thank you!