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Hi Kirk. Ryan here. I have been to the two little mines up the dead end road over the log (before the new bridge of course) at Copper Creek and hang a left and climb up. These two caves were pretty lame. A bear wouldn't even want to go in these . Those are great ones to find first since it is easy to be impressed by the next ones you find. As I remember those are pretty much out in the open on the side of the hill? Is that correct?

I think some of your boys were in a cave (peeking out) that is along Road 41 just off the road. Good eyes, that is correct. I am constantly amazed every time I see that one. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it to be there, and there aren't any around it that I have found. I have been up Star Creek a little ways, but have yet to explore it further. That is a gorgeous valley. It has awesome waterfalls on it. My boys like going up there. I need to take a machete if I remember. I agree, it has really gotten bad toward the top of the climb and beyond. There is virtually no sign of the road anymore. I lost a nice pair of sunglasses on that old road next to Star Creek. I found an abandoned Isuzu Trooper there in 1995. I think I may have seen the same one.
I noticed on the USGS map that there is what appears to be a huge waterfall at the end of Star Creek. Yes, it comes from high up on the North side of Silver Star and falls between a huge crack in the rock. This is the only trip I was able to take in the area this past summer. It was a tough hike to get there. Took us all day to make the round trip and we only stayed at the Waterfall for about an hour or so.

I would be interested in know where the 3,000 ft. deep cave is and if and how far you have been into it. It is on Skamania Mines Road on a tributary off the West Fork of the Washougal River. It is easy to get to, but hard to find. You only have to walk about 200 feet off the road to get to it. I will leave it at that for now.

Now, one thing to know about this one. I believe it is on private property. The last time I was there about 3 years ago, it had a no trespassing sign on it. But it was open.

I have been all the way to the back of it about 3 or 4 times. It is awesome. Bring a good flashlight and batteries. Take a look up at how wide the quartz vein is in parts of it.

Note: virtually all of the mines have water in them that range from a few inches to over a foot. So boots are nice, unless you just like sticking your nice warm feet in very cold water.

Note #2: Many of the mines have vertical shafts either in them or near them, so be careful. But since the mines have water in them, you won't fall down hundreds of feet (some are this deep), but it would make for a cold dip. We've been in a couple of water filled mines that have a vertical shaft in them where the roof timbers have fallen down and partially covered the vertical shaft. Carefully climbing over them adds an element of adventure when you stop to think what would happen if you fell through the timbers, sunk down over your head and then had the timbers close the surface of the water......

So if you go in any of them, play it smart, be careful, leave someone outside of the mine (with the car keys), and tell people where you are going. Then have maximum fun!

I think my brother and I may go up this Saturday (weather pending) and try to find the cave you mentioned on copper creek at the Road 4109 car bridge crossing.

Cool, go downstream from the bridge about 1/8th mile and look on the North side of the creek near the water level.

While you are there, go through the camping area upstream of the bridge. I believe there are a series of mines on the north side of the creek beyond the camping area.

Be sure to let us all know how it goes! And take pictures.

Looking forward to more great information.

No problem, my experiences with researching and finding the mines has been a high point for me. I hope it holds the same for you. Kirk