Hi Kirk, good to hear from you. Yes I followed the creek, but considered following one of the ridge lines. The West one (Shirt Creek runs North and South btw) has a lot of vertical rock faces on it, so that one is probably a no go. Maybe next time I will take your recommended route. Is the underbrush on the ridge thick? Is it a tough fight?
I had a few things come up on Saturday morning so I actually didnít start hiking from my truck until 11:30am. I had planned on being up there around 2 hours prior, but that just didnít happen. Yeah, I went by myself, against the begging of my friends. I have done a lot of extreme hiking in solo in the past, and knew that I wouldnít likely get another good weekend to go, so I was determined to get there even if I had to go alone.
Yes I can certainly see why people donít lug stuff out, although I canít see myself doing so even if it were convenient. I figure that the artifacts are part of what makes the place special, and if they were anywhere else they would just be old junk laying aroundÖ although one of the 2ft long connecting rods would make a good conversation piece, but itís not like I have too much room in my garage as it is lol.
I was talking to a friend and Iím trying to arrange several of us guys to go this weekend, as weíre supposed to have good weather again. If so, weíll camp out and do some digging. Iím well aware of the risks of bad air in an old mine, which is why I would not go in it on the same trip that we open it, as tempting as it will be.
As for the test adit, I thought what I was looking at was dug in the dirt underneath the rock, but I wasnít paying super close attention I was more concerned with what might be living in it and watching from nearby. Yes, it sounds like we have shared similar experiences with a tough time getting up the mountain. Iím pretty sure I was running a decently high fever when I got to the top, which I have experienced before when I was physically broken down from such hard work extended over the period of a day, only to have it go away with a nightís sleep. And yes, I slept like a baby not only for 1, but for the next 2 nights!