Hey Steve,

Nice to see someone is getting out.

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After consulting many maps I believe the ridge you want to drop down is going to be right where you make the right turn and drop back towards bluff mt. Does this sound right??
I'm not sure what ridge you're talking about so a created a quick map:

I was thinking about taking Ridge 1 on my map, is that the one you're referring to? Does there look to be a better option?

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Also does the spur road off bluff trail possibly hook up with the roads down on copper, miners creek?
I also labeled a "Road to Copper Creek", I certainly saw this road coming in from the east when I visited the Miners Queen a couple of weeks ago. If you saw a spur running west from the top, I'd have to think it connects. Is that the road you're talking about, or is there one closer to Bluff Mtn. that heads down (North) Copper Creek?

Let us know what you find out!