Ok fair warning this may get a little ranty!! I made it up to blackjack yesterday with a buddy from tacoma. Got to the trail head around 930 and there was three vehicles already parked down there!! Never have I run into anyone out there before!! One guy was doing crack clean up on the creek(hope he was affiliated with the group that holds the claim!!) And didn't see anyone else around. Proceeded up the trail. Was pretty uneventful. Made the turn to blackjack and turned the corner by the pipe, and at the first little clearing before the first adit is two new blue spray paint arrows pointing you across the creek!! These are new! Trail on opposite side of creek looks pretty fresh. I didn't check it out, was there for other things! Proceeded to the first adit, and lo and behold there is a brand new NO TRESPASSING sign posted at the entrance. Active mining claim, active mining stay out!! What the ****!!!! Went to the middle adit, and same thing again, except opposite the no trespass sign was discovery monument with jar attached with paperwork inside. This would make it a legitimate claim folks!!!! Went to third adit and again same **** thing!!! Got back to the truck and evreybody else was gone. Don't know if anyone was at miners queen and we missed them, or if nobody went up that way. Either way noone up at the mines that I know of.
Ok so here is my rant. My unfortunate suspicion is that someone is using the info from the forum! Don't know anything for fact just a feeling I have. Maybe even someone just looking at info. That being said I will no longer post road numbers, common names(historical mine names only), directions, or general info. Will happily drop clues, but will not put the x on your map!! There is plenty of good info if you look thru all 22 pages! Time consuming? Yes but that is how I started finding out about some of this area. Dnr has lots of resorces. Do some homework. It will pay 10 fold.
If I am wrong I apologize!! Just very interesting timing!!
Side note. Why would someone claim this??? I have dnr reports for this mine!! Very low grade copper deposit!! Like 3% at the BEST!! That tis the highest assay out of about a dozen!!! Most are much lower!! Not even economical as an open pit!!! One of the big mine companys(asarco or another I have to look it up) had control of the entire upper copper and miners creek locked up in claims as late as the 70's and possibly into the 80's. I assumed they still controlled it. Guess I was wrong!! That big company obviously WALKED AWAY!! Why??? Because the deposit is NOT economical!! As a kicker the gold assays on blackjack are all below one tenth of an ounce to the ton!!!!!! Very little copper, almost non existent gold, and you have a recipe for a MONEY PIT!! This is why I am not understanding the situation!! A placer claim up there, sure why not there probably is a few flakes up there but a lode claim!! I don't know for fact that it is a lode claim, but if you are trying to claim the adits it WOULD have to be a lode claim correct?? See now I am almost afraid to go to miners queen fearing finding the same thing!! Almost tempted to go run around and start claiming all the old mines I know about, but how is that fair?? I am not looking for big dollar mines!! I am a rockhound trying to get good specimens as well as to learn more about our history. There are not really any economically viable mines around here! Wind river would be the exception!! Not that they aren't out there. They haven't been found yet!!!! There is a platinum source up the east fork somewhere!! It has been dredged from the east fork below horseshoe falls. The source has never been found!!!! Just an example. Why claim something that is not worthwhile when the possiblitys of new better discoverys is very real!!
Hope no one has taken personal offense. Just very frustrating to find a very cool place locked up by the uninformed! I do have pictures of the signs and discovery post and will try to post them shortly.
Kirk if you are still watching, shoot me an email I would still like to meet up with you sometime.