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    It was mid August and I had to drive about 5 hours to pick my Dad up. Spent the night there and early the next morning we left. We routed through Iowa and stopped to look at a couple covered bridges in Madison County. I prefer to avoid interstates in case you are wondering. We spent the first night out at Valentine NE. Took back roads up through the Badlands with a detour to the Aladdin Tipple near Aladdin WY.

    It was for coal mining and something to wet the taste buds for better things to come. Dad had never been to Devil's Tower so we continued on to it. The rest of the day was spent doing a somewhat monotonous drive to Big Timber and another motel room for a night. I had bought a new pop-up that only had one bed so we rented a pop-up up in Bozeman MT. We arrived at the rental place the next morning and headed towards the Neihart area of MT. Arriving in the afternoon I had time to do some re-con on my Suzuki DR650.
    We camped in a nearby FS CG.
    Relics along the way to finding the Silver Dyke Mill.

    I could see the mill but could not figure out how to get there.

    I'm keeping the pictures small to reduce bandwidth on the site they are hosted.
    to be continued
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