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Thread: Western Montana 2006

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    On up the hill is the Goldstone. This is what left an impression on my 6 year old mind that stuck with me all these years.

    What was left of it in 2006

    Another view of the mill.


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    Default Red Lion July 7th 2016

    Red Lion dates back to about 1875 when gold was discovered. A mill was built by the Red Lion Company in the late 1890's. Another mill was constructed in the early 1900's. Nearly 200 men worked in the two mills. The population of Red Lion reached about 500.*Submitted by: Kevin Heaney

    The Red Lion Strike was made in the late 1880's. By 1890, there was a*
    mine and a stamp mill at th site. The property was leased to the*
    "Walkers of Philipsburg" in October of 1890. A 'six foot vein*
    of gold' was discovered by the Walkers. The vein, and surrounding ore,*
    was plentiful enough to run the mill at Red Lion, night and day, for six*
    months. The publicity surrounding the Walkers' discovery led to the*
    discovery of four additional mines - the 'Hannah;' 'Modoc;' 'American*
    Flag;' and the ' Golden Eagle.' The Red Lion mining camp, run by the*
    Golden Eagle Company, came into being at the turn of the century. The*
    years of 19021908 were the most productive years in the Red Lion area.*
    A 3,800 foot tramway was built to connect the mines to the mill. The*
    'Hannah' mine produced gold, iron and copper. The mines were played out*
    by 1913.
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