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Thread: Where do you get modern-day maps with Lat/Long?

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    Default Where do you get modern-day maps with Lat/Long?

    I have acess (thanks to the internet) to old maps with Lat/Long coordinates on them. I also have a basic GPS handheld nav that can tell me my coords.

    But, where can I find printed maps with Lat/Long lines on them? Most driving maps today lack them. Thanks!

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    We use the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer. It has the grids for Longitude & Latitude clearly marked.
    All states are available.

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    I recently purchased a Garmin eTrex. Here is what I learned so far:

    I mark a spot on Google Earth. I go to its properties and it will bring up lat/long. I punch them into the GeoBuddy software(free stuff, Google it to find it). I got a cable to plug into my PC and it will upload them coord's to the GPS.

    It takes a little tinkering with the numbers so you can't just copy and paste them but it works good so far. I will probably get a better GPS that has mapping capabilties in the future.

    I think you can look up coord's on the maps in the GeoBuddy program but I haven't really messed with that part yet.

    Its just trial software but you can get it here:

    I am working on finding something of a more permanant use software.

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