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Thread: Arizona - Iron / Mescal Springs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel View Post
    I have a buddy that has done some hardcore hiking in the Whetstones. Let me ask him if there's anything left worth ghosttowning out there. I'd love to do a French Joe Camp if I could find any history to the area.
    I saw an old map showing the Mescal River flowing out the Whetstone Mountains from Mescal Spring. It would have crossed Hwy 90 at about the Border Patrol checkpoint fanning out in a wide alluvial spread headed towards the San Pedro River. Now this inspired me to locate Mescal Springs to see if this once bountiful freshet had any sign of seepage left to it. I don't believe I have nailed it down yet, though it's made for some interesting hikes. The map I just saw on this website is the most definitive yet, and I will try again to get to the famous spring. Don't know about Wyatt Earp's shoot-out happening just there, but there is good documentation in The Conquest of Apacheria that the lieutenant who was supposed to take out Cochise (before Ft. Huachuca was built and before the treaty with General Howard was finalized) got killed not long in country when he foolishly charged hostiles tracked to that very spring. He has an arterial on the fort named after him today, Cushing St. Cochise has the county named after him. . .ironic.

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    Last comment on this thread is a couple years old, so was just wondering, has anyone made it out to the spring and determined it is actually one Earp spoke of? Any body have GPS coordinates? Is it on public land?

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