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Thread: Lost dutchman mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by xplor'npaul View Post
    Thanks Laura! I'll see if I can find those books
    It's good reading. Unless Speedy proves it all wrong by finding the Lost Dutchman tomorrow.

    Speedy, try two aspirin or some hair of the dog that bit you.

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    I'm very sad to report that I found nothing. Laura, you might consider the book. And thanks for the advice, it worked. The hair tasted a lot better than the aspirin....Speedy

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    Default This is my new baby

    this is my new baby

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    Okay, I'll bite...what's your new baby???

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    Barney Barnard had a ranch for many years somewhere outside of Mesa, Az in the shadow of the Superstitions. His tales regarding the Lost Mine are interesting in as much as he assisted sheriffs with the recovery of 14 mine seekers that were murdered in the Superstitions over several years.

    He claims that according to his research with the Bureau of Immigration in New York, that one Jacob Von Walzer was admitted in June of 1862. He arrived from Wurtenburg, Germany. He graduated from Heidelbrg University with a degree in mining engineering. He was a 32 degree mason. (A.F.M. Number Two, at Phoenix). He arrived in the US with the sum of $5,000.00.

    The US Bureau of Census for 1864 contains the following:

    Jacob Walzer, occupation: miner,
    age: 54 years,
    two years in America and currently living in the capital of Arizona Territory, Prescott.

    The same census lists Jacob Wisner, carpenter, Florence Az. He was Walzer's partner.

    According to the author, mint records at the US treasury show that Walzer shipped $254,000 worth of gold to the Sacramento mint, not the San Francisco mint.

    Walzer finished his days out at his homestead a little to the southeast of Phoenix, untill the flood of Feb, 1891, destroyed his home. He lashed himself to a tree and was found barely alive two days after the flood. He died two days later at the age of 84.

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    Default Jacob Waltz, the Dutchman

    There is no authenticated likeness of the Dutchman. These 4 have at various times claimed to be him.
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    Default i found ruth map location , a lot of prople know aout it

    I read a book that said it wasant found because there looking at the wrong place .made sense . I am from PA and know the trash that mining produce the book talked about no evidence of tailings .. or trails where the gold was hauled out by the Spanish miners . His book showed photos that matched the map and gave directions I went . There is a indian casino with a quarry across the road ...check the locals they can tell u the place . I parked off to the right of the entrance to the quarry at that time there were big piles of dirt there an junk piled around . Past the junk is a fence I crawled under the fence and walked a little and came down into a wash followed the wash this is soo easy if you look the right there is a big bluff with equipment on top keep walking with it to your right ,,, look slightly to your right up ahead you will see red mountain about an hours walk there is the mountain and a saddle to the left of red mountain as u are looking and a smaller mountain to the left want to walk to that saddle and down the other side about 150 yards down till it sorta flattens out there is a trail and easy to follow it goes to a pile of rocks that were mine tailings .
    Turn around and you are there the hoya on the ruth map is there its a hole at the top of a big rock slab the outline of the old mine at the base is there and there is a mine dug back maybe 20 feet about halfway up the bank in front of the slab ....just like the map everything is there .. it took my breath away I never really expected to find it ...the mine has cactus lining the floor couldent walk back but u can see the end ...nothing shiny in the tailings either ..I broke some open . I posted this on desert usa and they banned me my opinion a lot of the people are profiting from the stories ..I went to the shop that sells mining equip and metal detectors and he wasant impressed he said he was out there also and found it ....dident even want to talk about it . The guy that moderates wants to keep all the legends going he is making lots of money my opinion ....any questions e mail me ...thanks Charlie

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    m comin with you :-)

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