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    See Post #4 and those that follow here first:

    I first contacted the OSI ( and was redirected to a Joe Martens at their Albany, New York location. He was very helplful. Unfortunately he confirmed what I had read. The mining facility has been removed as was detailed here from my previous post: and (Mr. Martens has a reply here)

    It's quite disappointing that the facility was there all those years and I find out just a bit too late.

    But the village is still there as well as the MacIntyre Blast Furnace and many hiking trails. I also got in touch with Joe Hackett ( and he was quite helpful as well. He also mentioned Mr. Martens as a resourse so everyone must be on the same page, which is always nice to know.

    I also found out that the Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH) ( gives tours of Tawahus (

    Tahawus and Village of Adirondac
    Saturday, July 21

    Look at more than a century of mining in the Town of Newcomb with George Canon, Town Supervisor and former mine employee. Courtesy of the Open Space Institute, we will see the 1854 McIntyre Furnace, the remains of the village of Adirondac, the Adirondack Iron and Steel Company operations, and the 20th-century mining operation at Tahawus. The McIntyre Furnace is an important early industrial site that has been documented by the Historic American Engineering Record. The tour begins at 10 a.m. and ends around 3 p.m. The fee is $30 for AARCH members and $35 for non-members.

    I registered for the tour.

    I found many links while I was searching for information online. Here are some with lots of pictures and information with some duplication and overlap: (I think has or had a display of the mining operation) (pics 1/3 down page)

    And last my favorite site among those that I found (it is mentioned in the Wikipedia listing):

    Wonderful photos. And Mr. O'Boyle has obviously been to quite a few "ruins." This may be my favorite from the Tahawus photos: (from

    Edit: I am a member of the forum below where I also posted looking for some information when I first looked into Tahawus.
    A member recently visited and posted a trip report and photos:
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    Wonderful post with loads of good information and photos! Too bad about the demolition of the mining facility, but it sounds like there's still lots left to see. It's good to know that the people caring for it place such a high value on its history and preservation.
    Please post up after the tour, hope you take lots of pictures. It's such a beautiful area.

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