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Thread: Centralia, PA - Status ?

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    Default Centralia, PA - Status ?

    I've been a long time Silent Hill fan and after learning that it was based on Centralia, I've been looking around for some information on it.

    Now at first I thought I had all my facts straight on this town, but then I bumped into another website, which confused me.

    On most websites I find, it says that all people were forced to leave. And although some people, very very few actually stayed, it is technicly abandoned and although you may visit, you can now live there.

    But on this new website I found (I'll go back and try to find the link) it claims that there are more people living there than just those who stayed. It has it's own police department, firefighters, etc. The population may be small, but there is one and it is a living working town.

    So I'm wondering, which one is correct? Is it technicly abandoned or is it actually up and running again?

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    Default Centralia, Pennsylvania

    I was there a little over a year ago. There are still a few houses standing, and it appears that they are inhabited. Its a really neat place to see, the smoke coming out of the ground, the huge cracks in the road, and the sidewalks and driveways that lead nowhere.

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    When I was trying to find out about Tahawus, New York I stumbled across

    Right at the top if the page they mention Silent Hill with a link to a second page about Silent Hill.

    And from that, the Wiki listing:,_Pennsylvania

    I would assume that you had visited here. There's a Centralia Today section and in the External Links section, this site is listed:

    The site has a number of sections that would lead me to believe that it could be very helpful and current. It may be worth contacting someone at this site. And by the way, the music is quite nice (

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    Hi all. I'm late on this, but yes, Centralia does have operating emergency services and some residents. Most of the old buildings, etc. have been torn down.

    This is an absolutely excellent site with tons of pictures and history:

    The URL above goes to the "photos from today" page.

    It's amazing to me that the coal fire there is estimated to remain burning (and consuming more land) for at least 250 years. There's also a neighboring town that they predict will go the way of Centralia in the future.

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