I been busy like probably everyone is, just thought I would check in. Right now busy moving to CO from MI, in fact just ordered a Delorme Atlas, paper is always good although the Laptop and GPS work great too for finding those out of the way places like Ghosttowns.

Although I turned int he Explorer last November my wife is getting a Ford Edge AWD Plus, so I am sure we will be able to do light off roading to see some of these places in CO. Plus my good buddy who I did the NV ghost town trip with last year is moving to CO too. We plan next year, or this coming winter to pickup some ATV's that way we can haul them unload them and then hit the backroads without worrying about taking a nice car off roading...hahaha

Well anywho I just wanted to check in, and say looks like you hear from me more int he next year once I get out there and get setup. Be out August 21st in Colorado Springs.