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    Default New Jersey trip report

    I had about 24 hours in New Jersey about two weeks ago. First we went to Asbury Park. The old casino and convention center are open and the public is allowed to walk through them. The Metropolitan Hotel still stands and is fascinating. Tillie has been moved to a smaller building. The old carousel house still stands.

    Then we went to West Milford to check out Long Pond Ironworks. Its right on the main highway, and very neat to see. We located the grounds of the old MGM Animal Habitat, which closed about thirty years ago. The public uses the grounds for hiking and biking. Not a whole left to see, or we didn't find what was left.

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    JuneNY, Neat! I lived on the property directly adjacent to the Warner Brothers Animal Habitat (Safari Park) to the north. There were quite a few old buildings left at the time, an office, meeting hall, animal houses, homes and several barracks for employees.
    We found a large monkey's skull in the woods nearby. It looked like a human skull and sorta freaked me out when we found it, until we confirmed it was that of an ape. It was a nice property, it's surprising after all these years, nothing's been done with it. It was an unique place, over 800 acres with 30 miles of paved roads winding through the property. Visitors would drive through in their own vehicles to view the animals, roaming wild. Before driving through, visitors were required to sign a waiver, releasing the park of any liability. Signs were posted all over the place warning people not to get out of their cars. (local rumor had it that they couldn't get liability insurance) Loads of different types of animal escaped and lived in the nearby woods. (thus the ape skull we found)
    Did you take any photos of the place? I'd love to see them.

    *I just found these pictures on the web, looks like most, if not all of the buildings were torn down.
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    Default Warner Brothers Animal Habitat

    Laura, thanks for the info. I had the name wrong, thanks for correcting me. I did take pictures but I saw less than was shown in the photos in the URL you posted up above. Some people from the area who were walking their dog told us that there are a few remains (very few) but we didn't really find anything except for fallen down fences, and maybe the remains of a large bird cage. Seeing the empty parking lots was eerie. Apparently, the ground are open to the public now, many people wree hiking and biking and walking their dogs while my sister and I were there.

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