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Thread: Rhyolite ?

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    Default Rhyolite ?

    Any truth to the just heard rumor that Rhyolite is going to be shut down for renovation and clean up for 1 year starting 10-01-08 Have called Beatty
    Chamber of Commerce, no answer.

    Was planning a weekend getaway to Death Valley mid October and have always enjoyed stopping in Rhyolite for look around.

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    I don't know what they plan to really renovate or clean up. I know a building there was for sale, and had to be moved or torn down. But I couldn't find any more info either. Here are some links for local numbers, though you might have some already. The second has the historical society contact info. under local services. The last is the art museum in Rhyolite. All I could find for the Rhyolite Society was this: Friends of Rhyolite, PO Box 85, Amargosa Valley, NV 89020.
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