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Thread: "gas too strong ---3 a.m." - Argonaut mine, California, 1922

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    Default "gas too strong ---3 a.m." - Argonaut mine, California, 1922

    G'day folks and greetings from Oz.
    I'm posting this purely with the intention of sparking interest in America's great past amongst those who might be "first timers".
    This past week I was sent a copy of a book - "47 down" - by my (big) brother and I settled down to read it over the weekend. Forgive my bro! He's a bit of an Australian history freak (only) and now that he has realised that my American Ghost Town/Gold mining fixation has reached dangerous proportions - i.e, that I might actually up stakes and get over the pond to them thar united states - I think he's trying to gazzump me with his knowledge! I'm sure it's a sibling rivalry thing but, what the ****, he didn't send the book 'collect'!!
    Anyway, without wanting to tell you guys how to suck eggs, I want to recommend this book to all ghost miners who've ever gone past an "iffy" old mine entrance and wondered about the overburden!!
    Here's a few reviews.

    "gas too strong ---3 a.m."
    Occasionally a news event has such an impact it seems to cause even time itself to stop. Such an incident was the Argonaut Gold Mine disaster, one of the most tragic workplace accidents of the 20th century. During the evening of Aug. 27, 1922, 47 men were deep underground working the night shift at the mine near Jackson, Calif. During the men's supper break, the unthinkable happened. An explosion and fire erupted inside the shaft, trapping the men more than 4,600 feet underground. As friends and family gathered, the ordeal of trying to rescue the workers began. Mace's "47 Down" is the riveting account of this tragedy and it has the same emotional impact of the recent best-seller "The Perfect Storm." Mace writes with taut prose, grabbing his reader by the collar. Even after a passage of more than 80 years, it is a compelling story that has lost none of its drama or punch. Drawing on newspaper accounts, diaries, government reports and official documents, Mace captures all of the drama and heartbreak of this event. This book is exceptional historical reporting and highly recommended. --Larry Cox, Tucson Citizen.

    More than just the story of America's worst gold mine disaster, 47 Down is the story of immigrant miners who toiled a mile beneath the earth's surface; working in the harshest conditions for very little pay; searching for the American dream. 47 Down is the story of wives, sons, and daughters--waiting--hoping against hope that they will soon see their husbands and fathers rescued from a smoky tomb. 47 Down is the story of a time unlike any other in American history--the Roaring Twenties--in a place unlike any other--a cloistered little mining town in California's Mother Lode region. 47 Down is the story of the changing face of America's news gatherers--and the emergence of the "woman reporter." 47 Down is the story of a forgotten historical event that held the attention of the nation for 22 days during the summer of 1922, and changed forever, a town, an industry, and a way of life.
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