Hello fellow ghost town explorers!
I say it's about time because I've been following this site for years and I'm just now signing up.
I've been interested in and exploring the old west and our ghost towns for as long as I've been able to.
A couple years ago I was labeled the "Ghost Town Maniac" by True West Magazine after meeting the owner and editor, Bob Boze Bell. I had met Bob in Cody, Wyoming during a western show while on one of my 3 week road trips exploring the back roads & ghost towns between Oregon & Wyoming. When I explained to him what I was doing he could hardly believe that young people ( 32 at that time) still had interest in western antiques, more so Ghost Town exploring!
Eight months later I received an email from him asking if I would like to do a feature story in True West Magazine. Possibly even the cover, about my adventures and Ghost Towns.Of course I excitedly said yes!
I just didn't have enough time to put it all together for the cover but ended up with an "edited" 5 page spread with a short story and pictures of some of my favorite places.
It's in the April 2006 issue or at www.twmag.com .
I would love to get some feedback from anyone about the story. Everyone has their favorite places and experiences, these are just a few of mine.
I'm also headed to Arizona at the end of January, does anyone have any suggestions for sites this time of year?
I look forward to any responses!
Keeping the west alive,