Hey everyone,

I am new here and although it is
probably impolite of me to start off with a want-ad, I figured I'd just "cut to the chase." Anyways, my name is Eric, I'm currently renting in Mass and am looking for a permanent type home in, well, a ghost like town. Now, assuming everyone on here has a somewhat relate able reasoning for wanting to live in a town as such, my reasons are pretty much because I like things quiet, I like to be in small numbers (population wise), I love out of the ordinary type stuff and I like to, basically, get away from it all. So what better places than a ghost town? I could never live in Amish land (need electricity) and the south never seemed to appealing, but I've never been, so I wouldn't know for sure.

So, as stated, I'm looking for advice on how to possibly acquire such property. Any info would be great and any offers would be ever better! I've tried all the real estate sites I could find, with little luck. If anyone has any suggestions on other places, other than PA or MA, do tell, as I am new and my web searching skills are lacking.

Thanks so much!