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    Post Echo Utah historical church

    I just thought I would put a few words in. I grew up in Echo Utah and now live in Portland OR. The historical facts of the old church in Echo is misleading. Let me explain, the town of Echo was not a ghost town until in the 60's. I remember my grandfather owner/operator of the Echo Cafe. There was 2 cafes in Echo, the other one was called Kozy Cafe. Anyway, in the 50's Echo Cafe was a hangout for high school kids that attended North Summit High School in Coalville Utah, 6 miles away. The town started dying down in the 60's with the church being LDS closed as well. My uncle Frank Cattelan now maintains that church and the cemetery next to it. He preserved it as a museum downstairs. Upstairs is a all denomination church. In fact, several years back it recieved its glory as being in a scene from "Touched by an Angel" series.
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know of the update of that church. If you would want to verify the information contact: Frank Cattelan, Box 33, Echo Utah.
    Thank you for letting me post this

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    Echo is still not quite a ghost town, more of a semi-ghost. There are still a few people left living in town and I believe there is even still a cafe and gas station open there. I stopped by there just over a year ago to explore a little on my way back from Wyoming (I live in Salt Lake now).

    Rachel in Utah

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