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Thread: Underwater Ghost Towns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockcrusher View Post
    We'll be making a similar 4WD trip around Memorial Day. Bodie to Wendover all on dirt roads.
    I'm probably preaching to the choir here but..........

    Don't miss Berlin and Ichthyosoar sp? State Prk, Ophir (don't try to drive over the summit west to east it's ugly on a dirt bike), Belmont (stay at the B&B if schedules permit. It's in the old stage stop IIRC), Manhatten is another fun spot.

    My boss and a few friends have ridden thier dirt bikes (dirt only) from Reno to Ely a few times.

    Also read up on the Reese River Steamboat Co. and then look at the Reese River when you cross it. You will get a good laugh out of that one....

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    Default Underwater Ghost Towns

    Up in SE Idaho near the Wyoming border is a reservoir on the South Fork of the Snake River known as Palisades. At the upper end are 2 old gold camps, now flooded ghost towns of Alpine and Blow-Out.

    Also, I read about Roosevelt, Idaho in the GT forum. It was up and running when a major landslide from Thunder Mountain blocked the Thunder Mtn Creek. The townspeople had little time to clear out. In the 1970s scuba divers were bringing up full bottles of whiskey and other artifacts. The USFS patrols it and it is against the law. A FS Road runs nearby. The article on GT indicated it was in the Boise Basin, but it isn't. It's due East of McCall in Central Idaho within the Boise Natl Forest.

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    Default Underwater Virginia Village

    In an old issue of the ROANOKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY quarterly,there is an article about the quaint settlement NE of Roanoke that now lies beneath the waters of CARVINS COVE lake.The article includes pictures of church,school,homes,people.The valley-or cove ,was a beautiful place of close-knit,isolated people that lived a relatively happy life away from the sorta-big city.

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