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    Default Plympton/Plimpton, Ohio

    Hi, Does anyone know anything (maps, pics, etc.) about this ghost town other than what I rec'd in the following e-mail last year? I couldn't find anything using your search bar. One of my gr gr grandfathers was born there in 1861. Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for your interest in the Center For Ghost Town Research in Ohio and our work.

    I have checked our files on Plimpton and have found the following in formation.

    Plimpton was located in northeast one-quarter of the northeast one-quarter of Washington Twp., Holmes County, Ohio. The town is located near the southwest end of Odell Lake at the intesection of St. Rt. 226 & Odell's Lake Rd. and is currently called Lakeville.

    The Plimpton Post Office was established on April 4, 1854 and remained in operation until July 3, 1910 when its name was changed to Lakeville P.O.

    Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe describes the town and lake in c.1880 as follows: "Odell's Lake - Beautiful body of pure water, in places 30 feet deep. 1/2 mile broad, 2 miles long and abounds with fish. It furnished water power sufficent to run a large flouring mill. The P. Ft. W. & C. Railroad constructed a railroad (currently owned by Conrail) station on N. Side of Lake. Since then it's become a popular place of resort for pleasure and fishing parties."

    If you look on a map of Holmes County you will see that Plimpton was located near the Holmes / Wayne County line and the nearest large town was Wooster. It is also possible that your ancestor lived in Wayne County but had Plimpton as a mailing address. This would make sense as you would normally go to the county seat to get a marriage license.

    I hope that this information is of use to you. If I can be of any further assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Richard N. Helwig
    The Center for Ghost Town Research in Ohio

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    Hello Richard N. Helwig:
    I live in Lakeville, Ohio and do know a little about this little town. We are always looking for more info on this town as well. We are hearing about little things happening around here. In the past years there have been so many things that have happened around here like a bad train crash to where they dug a large hole and buried everything from the crash and that is suppose to be in a field across from my house. There is said to be a ghost train that comes through town once in a while and I almost believe that since I have heard what sounded like a train but never seen one and the trace is also across from our home. I would like to see anything you have on Lakeville, Ohio if you'd share it with us.

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