I'm curious as to what the "Favorite Ghost Towns" are by users on this forum.

I've been to a dozen or so in my lifetime, my dad having been fond of exploring these when I was a youngster and taking me with him on his adventures.

I would think in order to make this an effective poll, anybody responding should have at least have visited 2 ghost towns.

I would also think the poll might even be broken down to STATES. Not everybody has the ability to travel extensively (especially now that gasoline is getting close to $5 a gallon) and thus they might be limited to exploring only in their state.

Any and all responses and comments are welcome... this is simply an VERY informal poll.

Criteria for the poll... (at this juncture)

#1. Your Favorite Ghost Town.
#2. What makes your choice "your favorite."
#3. Least "enjoyable" aspect of your favorite Ghost Town.

(I threw in the "least enjyable aspect" just to see what the typical issues might be)