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Thread: Help need identifying a ghost town

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    looks like a place in missouri I have seen, but not the exact names...

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    Hi Laura, it's me again - this is a pic of Green River, Utah around 1900.

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    Thanks Andy! I hope the fella who owns the picture checks in and sees your response. I can't verify any of it, but maybe he can.

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    Got in on this thread late. I was going to suggest southern Wyoming, but see that the mystery was solved. The images linked in one of the threads shows beyond a doubt that it's Green River.

    Used to live in Newcastle, Wyoming, in the mid-1980s and used to travel I-80 through Green River on a fairly regular basis to see family in California. I haven't been through Green River since 1993, and it certainly doesn't look like that idylic town now. I'm sure the old downtown was still there, but now buried in the typical modern sprawl of fast food joints and Walmarts along the interstate.

    Before I saw the mystery was solved, I was going to suggest that it might be a railroad town, given the fact that there was a park-like setting and a lunch counter along the street. I was thinking that the tracks were to the photographer's back. And the other images proved that correct.
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