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    About thirty years ago, I was hiking up a small canyon in Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA. (Westworld with Yul Brynner). At first it was like I was on the moon, rocks green and irregular poised on pedistals of alluvial deposit, then the rocks flattened out and the pedestals supported whole slanted landscapes of pink toadstool-like strata. Next the south wall of the canyon melted into points with descending slopes of erroded mud. Another turn and thirty-foot high walls were strata shelves where hundreds of small water-carved figures watched my progress. I crawled into mud caves from streams that somehow had sunk in hundreds of feet away only to reappear into the bottom of the canyon. Inside these caves, on the walls in the dim light and openings to the surface, names and dates from early in the century had been scratched, "Charles 1928." Although the canyon was only a mile or so long, it offered hours of pleasure every time I returned. We called it the "E" Ticket. In those days there were enhancing medicinal herds but they weren't really needed for the effects of the place to begin to appear. One time a dirt biker rode up as I was about half-way through the "ride." He stopped and removed his helmet. "Wow!" he said, "this is the bumpiest road I've ever been on." I stared at him. "Yeah." For years I thought he didn't get it did he? Now I am beginning to think I am the one who doesn't get it. Where is that helmet to protect me from the world? NJ
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    Nice story. Do you recall any more specifics about where that was? It sounds almost like Hagen Canyon, but I'm not sure.

    Those names you saw scratched into the rock may have been movie folk - I've been reading this book:
    ...and it's truly a must-have for the movie buff who love Red Rock Canyon.

    I'll be heading back there for my last trip of the season this Friday. If I can get any more info on that site I'll be happy to confirm your recollection while I'm there.

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