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Thread: Wynoochee Gorge Train Wreck

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    Default Wynoochee Gorge Train Wreck

    In 1960 a movie, Ring of Fire, starring David Jansen was made. It had a scene where a 190 foot tall wood trestle was blown causing a steam engine, tender and 2 passenger cars to fall into the gorge.That scene was filmed near Grisdale in Grays Harbor County WA. The train is still at the bottom f the gorge. I saw it in the 70's again in the late 80's, but last weekend I couldn't locate it. The logging roads in that area have changed a bit. I came home did some more research and found we ate lunch very close to the spot. I'm going back soon.

    Here's a link to another persons search


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    Howdy Dog ,
    Welcome to the board.
    Was just over to the website.
    Let us know how your trip went.
    You have a good week.

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    **campp stirs and snaps to attention**

    Mmmmm... Did someone say "Train Wreck"? Yes sir, sounds like an adventure. Sad to see a working steamer so easily disposed of, but that was movie making. These days they are rare. The website looks interesting, looks like a lot of history in that area. Take pictures, we want to see what you find.
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    Thanks for the welcome.....

    I'll be going back in a few weeks, It's only 40 miles or so. I'll take pics and let ya know how it goes.

    Grisdale is/was a logging camp 1946-1986. The site is still there, has a sign and the old mail boxes. We found a couple of concrete slabs, old shubery, pipes, and a few old boards. Not much left.


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    DogDriver - agreed, brian894x4 gets it done alright. One of so many great websites dedicated to preserving American history.
    "Those were great old days. Everthing is very quiet now, isn't it?" Elfego Baca

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