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Thread: Where Can I Live?

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    Omar, your post got me thinking. I remember a few years ago a friend went to work at Apache Lake Marina & Resort. They worked his rear end off for a few busy months, but the work was pleasant and the surroundings breathtaking to say the least. Housing was furnished to him, but I don't know the details. He did mention that he really enjoyed the solitude.
    Apache Lake is located along the scenic Apache Trail in Arizona, bordering the Superstition Wilderness. Yes, it's isolated but going to town for supplies is still doable.
    Don't let the word "resort" bother you, it's not one of those ritzy places with spas & scented bubble baths. It's mostly frequented by campers and fishermen.
    Here's a link to their website with their phone number and address.

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    Omar..not sure where you're from or your background, but a lot of folks in more isolated areas have radios and will always go the extra mile to help out others in need (rides to the hospital if needed).

    The catch is that your love of a small town without tourism just puts most of towns that size out of the list.
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    There is a town in Oregon called Timber. Population is less than 100 at this time. They still have a post office. Lots of little tiny communities around that are former logging towns. You could get a job as a hook-tender logger. Maybe even be on the documentary drama tv show Ax Men, if you so desired.

    Logging makes you alot of money but has huge risks to your life. It's very possible you could get a log dropped on you and killed on the job. You'd have to work hard, and in the rain sometimes.

    Should an accident happen at work, usually life-flight comes from portland, and that's a 20 minute helicoter flight. If you drive it's 1 hour. But for some minor thing like stitches needed, 20 minutes away in the town of North Plains is a clinic.

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    Omar, Since you persist, I will list the smallest of towns, Darwin, California. Quirky, good water, electricity, probably a place you can camp--er--I mean rent cheap. If you want a small town that is not so small, restaraunts, movie theater, no stoplights, artsy, music campus, try Idyllwild, CA. Small town feel, 5,300 feet, pines and granite to 11,000, jobs, cheap rentals, but still in Southern Cal., on the Pacific Crest Trail, teaching jobs if you want them, maybe this is for you to live for the rest of your life. Like I said, small town feel, jobs, still close to civilization---women---and such. NJ
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    Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do. By the way I am a very adverturous 65yr young woman and have always done some crazy things according to others but I am here to say that I have and will enjoy my life doing the things that I want to do and dream about.

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    Default Where can I live?

    Don't know where you are at,but go to
    They list all kinds of Texas towns that have small populations. Some other them are quite small in populations.
    Not sure how many people live in Leming,Tx for example,but you could teach in the school there if they have one or in Plesanton ISD.Either Pleasanton or Jourdanton has a hospital and the towns have websites.There is also Christine and Charlotte,also in Atascosa county.Or you could live or teach in Marion,Tx.It has more than 40 people,but is a small town, and near Seguin,my county seat.seguin is the seat for Guadalupe Countyand has a hosptial as does New Braunfels,Tx.Marion has it's own school district.
    Living there you can drive up to new Braunfels to go tubing on the Guadalupe river,or you can drive to Austin or even go to San Antonio for a day of shopping and sightseeing if you want to.San Antonio is closer.
    There is also Waring in Kendall County,though you would have to drive to Comfort as I think Warning doesn't have a school anymore.
    Anyhow, there are some interesting towns small and large in Texas to check out.

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    Job Opportunities

    We are currently recruiting energetic individuals to become part of the Leavitt Meadow's staff for the 2009 season. Do not pass up this great opportunity. We have many positions available including: Packers, Back Country Cook and Facility Care Taker (includes cooking, light cleaning, interacting with customers and shopping). We are looking for the following characteristics anand abilities:

    1.) Love for the outdoor
    2.)Experience and love for horses and mules
    3.)Ability to ride for 2 - 8 hours per day
    4.)Very Enthusiastic
    5.)Team oriented
    6.)Likes to interact with customers
    7.)Self starter
    8.)Quick Learner
    9.)Back country cooking experience preferred
    10.)Shoeing and previous packing experience preferred
    Applicants must be 18 years of age and be available from mid June through September (special considerations for early start college students may be arranged.)
    (Duties and qualification depend on desired position)

    If you are interested please contact us at Attaching your resume is recommended.

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    Default ...

    sounds like he needs to run off to Stehekin, Wa or Powers, Or

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    Great place to work and live. As beautiful country as you can find anywhere. I lived only a short jaunt from Leavitt (Lee Vining) for years and camped/fished the Sonora Pass area weekly. This would be a great opportunity for an outdoor lover for sure. If I wasn't so old I wouldn't mind applying for one of theses jobs myself.....

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    There is a small town, population of 75, that I have always found to be interesting. It is called Leadore, ID. Gilmore, ID (an old mining town) is located about 15 miles south. Jobs vary there. Most would be on the ranches around the area. Good luck with your search.

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