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Thread: Ghost Towns We Have Visited

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    Arrow Ghost Towns We Have Visited

    I know this will sound like self promotion although in this case it is not we have a website that I set up for our family back east with images of our travels it features several ghost towns, their location and is updated on a regular basis with new one we have located as well as old the link is

    The site is based around NV,UT & AZ I will note the site covers the west so all of it is not developed around ghost towns....
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    Nice shots of the Northland. There's a lot more out here than most folks realize.
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    Nicely done site. Welcome aboard, and thanks for posting the link.

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    Default Great Site

    That is a great site you have built. Sorry about coming back on you so strong but we do like to poke fun at any an all things especially politics that is why the goose thing. Don't take things so serious, we do when needed. but otherwise we are a community that loves to have fun, share advice and if it is ever possible meet in Arizonia and show "those AZ folks" what real ghosttowning is all about

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    No offense taken we just added
    # Newhouse Ghost Town Site,NV
    # Frisco Ghost Town Site, UT
    # Grafton Ghost Town, UT

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    Arrow Also Included on the Site:

    Other Areas of interest covered @

    Arches National Park , UT
    Anasazi State Park Museum, UT
    Anasazi Trail (Santa Clara River Preserve), UT
    Antelope Canyon, AZ
    Area 51, NV
    Ash Hot Springs, NV
    Apple Valley, UT
    Angel Canyon, UT
    Antelope Island State Park, UT
    Baker Archaeological Site, NV
    Beaver Dam Mountains Wilderness, AZ
    Big Ledge Ruins, UT
    Black Mountain Petroglyph Site, UT
    Natural Bridges National Monument, UT
    Natural Bridges National Monument – Dinosaur Petroglyph’s
    Bristlecone Loop Trail, UT
    Brian Head, UT
    Blanding, UT – Anasazi Indian Ruins
    Bloomington Cave, UT
    Bloomington Petroglyph Park, UT
    Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
    Buffalo Road Pioneer Ruins. Las Vegas, NV
    Butch Cassidy’s Boyhood Home, UT
    Butler Wash Anasazi Ruins, UT
    Calico Early Man Site, CA
    Capitol Reef National Park, UT
    Capitol Reef National Park, Petroglyph Pullout, UT
    Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, AZ
    Casto Canyon Trail. UT
    Cathedral Gorge State Park, NV
    Cats Claw Canyon Petroglyph’s & Pictograph, AZ
    Cannan Gap Petroglyphs, UT
    Canyonlands National Park, UT
    Cedar Breaks National Monument, UT
    Cedar Breaks National Monument Campground, UT
    China Ranch Date Farm, NV
    Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, UT
    Coconino National Forest, AZ
    Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, UT
    C Trail, UT
    Cove Fort, UT
    Crawdad Canyon Petroglyphs, UT
    Death Valley National Park, CA
    Delicate Arch Trail, UT
    Delamar Ghost Town, NV
    Dinosaur Tracksites and Fossil Trails, UT
    Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm, UT
    Dixie National Forest, UT
    Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, UT
    Eldorado Canyon, NV
    Elk Meadows Ski and Summer Resort, UT
    Fremont Indian State Park, UT
    Frisco Ghost Town Site, UT
    Fishlake National Forest, UT
    Fort Harmony, UT
    Fort Pierce Ruins, UT
    Fort Ruby, NV
    Glen Canyon Dam, AZ
    Gordon’s Panel, UT
    Goblin Valley State Park, UT
    Gold Butte Ghost Town, NV
    GoldField, NV
    Gold Springs Ghost Town, NV
    Grafton Ghost Town ,UT
    Grand Canyon – South Rim, AZ
    Great Basin Desert, NV
    Gunlock State Park, UT
    Halfway Stage Station Ruins, UT
    Hamilton Fort, UT
    Hite, UT
    Hobgoblin’s Playground, NV
    Horseshoe Bend – Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, AZ
    Huntsman Pioneer Ruins, Kanes Springs Ranch, NV
    Ice Cave – Dixie National Forest, UT
    Johnson Ghost Town – Gun Smoke Stage Set, UT
    Kane Creek Petroglyphs – Moab, UT
    Kaibab National Forest, AZ
    Kanarraville Lower Falls, UT
    Keyhole Canyon Petroglyphs, NV
    Kodachrome Basin State Park , UT
    Kalob Canyon (Zion National Park), UT
    The Kolob Reservoir Road – Zion National Park, UT
    Lake Hemet, CA
    Lake Mead National Recreation Area, NV
    Las Vegas, NV
    Lee’s Ferry (also Lees Ferry or Lee Ferry), AZ
    Lehman Caves – Great Basin N.P, NV
    Little Black Mountian Petroglyph Site, UT
    Little Pinto Ghost Town, UT
    Logandale Trails System, NV
    Lone Rock – Glen Canyon N.R.A, AZ
    The Lost City Reconstruction, NV
    Mammoth Cave, UT
    Merchant Valley, UT
    Meteor Crater, AZ
    Middle Fork Taylor Creek, UT
    Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail head, UT
    Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Track Site, AZ
    Mojave Desert. AZ
    Montezuma Castle National Monument, AZ
    Montezuma’s Well Ruins, AZ
    Mountain Meadow Massacre Site, UT
    Moon Flower Petroglyph’s – Moab, UT
    Monument Valley Tribal Park, UT
    Nampaweap Petroglyphs, AZ
    Navajo Loop Trail, UT
    Navajo National Monument , AZ
    Nelson Ghost Town, NV
    Newhouse Ghost Town Site, UT
    Newspaper Rock Petroglyph’s, UT
    New Harmony Pioneer Lime Kiln Ruins, UT
    North Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ
    Oak Grove Campground- Dixie NF, UT
    Old Iron Town Ruins, UT
    Old Town Paria Ghost Town & Movie Set
    Paria Toadstools, UT
    Parowan Front WMA Pioneer Ruins, UT
    Parowan Gap Dinosaur Tracks & Remains, UT
    Parowan Gap Petroglyph’s, UT
    Parowan Gap Caves, UT
    Pa’rus Trail – Zion National Park, UT
    Pinto Ghost Town, UT
    Pioche, Nevada – A Living Ghost Town, NV
    Pioneer Park, UT
    Potash Road Petroglyph’s – Moab, UT
    Power Line Road Petroglyph’s, NV
    Racetrack Playa, CA
    Rachel, NV – Extraterrestrial Highway
    Range Creek Canyon, UT
    Red Cliffs Recreation Area, UT
    Red Cliffs Recreation Area – Anasazi Ruins & Dinosaur Tracks
    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV
    Rhyolite Ghost Town, NV
    Rock Corral Recreation Area, UT
    Santa Fe Saloon, Goldfield, NV
    Scenic Byway 12, UT
    St. Thomas Ghost Town, NV
    Saguaro National Park, AZ
    The Great Salt Lake, UT
    Sand Hollow State Park, UT
    Sedona, AZ
    Shauntie Ghost Town, UT
    Silver Reef Mine & Ghost Town, UT
    Slickhorn Canyon Ruins, UT
    Snow Canyon State Park, UT
    Snow Canyon – Lava Tubes, UT
    South Camp Mining Ruins, UT
    Strawberry Point, UT
    Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
    Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ
    Teakettle Junction, CA
    Techatticup Ghost Town, NV
    The Moon , UT
    The Wave – North Coyote Buttes, UT
    Three Peaks Recreation Area, UT
    Tombstone, AZ
    Tuba City Dinosaur Hunting Grounds, AZ
    Tushar Mountains, UT
    Tuweep and Toroweap, UT
    Tuzugoot National Monument, AZ
    Ubehebe Crater, CA
    Valley of Fire State Park – Altatl Rock Petroglyphs, NV
    Valley of Fire State Park, Mouse’s Tank & Petroglyph Gallery Trail, NV
    Valley of Fire State Park -White Domes Trail, NV
    The Virgin River
    The Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area, AZ
    Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, AZ
    Warner Canyon, UT
    Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks, UT
    Washington City Dinosaur Tracksite, UT
    Westwater Anasazi Ruins. UT
    Wilson Arch, UT
    Wupatki National Monument, AZ
    Yankee Meadows, Dixie National Forest , UT
    Zion National Park, UT
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    Very cool site.
    I wanted to do something similar but I need better writing skills. Not to mention better research skills.
    Elko Daily Photo
    Photos in and around Elko County Nevada.
    Updated Daily

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