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Thread: I think I've found a ghost ship

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    Default I think I've found a ghost ship

    I just love the Cafe Unknown blog. I was browsing it when something caught my attention. The author described catching a glimpse of the wreck of a moored ferry boat while looking out the window of a train from Portland to Astoria.

    I did some internet research, and found the history of the ferry boat.

    She's a steam-powered ferry called the River Queen. But she was once known as Shasta, built in San Francisco in 1922.

    The Golden Gate Bridge killed the ferry business there, so for a time she operated in the Puget Sound. But she belched black smoke, and this was environmentally unacceptable even in the 1950's.
    So, she was turned into a restaurant in Portland; the River Queen.

    After viewing a picture of her online, the hairs stood on the back of my neck. A distant childhood memory came flooding back: I had dined on her when she was a restaurant, probably in the year 1991 or 1992. I remember the unsettling up/down swaying motion that intensified whenever another passing boat's wake jostled her. But it was a pleasant enough restaurant, with those nice stained glass windows letting in natural light.

    I never noticed that the boat passed away, and left Portland years ago.

    However, it appears that she is still in existence, lying forlorn, moored at Goble.

    Goble, Oregon, is on Hwy 30 NW of Portland. It is a ghost town, with perhaps only one original building left: the Goble Tavern. Originally it was a booming ferry town, the terminus of the RR line going to Washington. Since there was no bridge, all the railcars were loaded onto great ferries and taken across the Columbia to Kalama.
    Stores, taverns, and grand wooden Victorian-style houses were once in existence in the area.

    Today, if you drive past the area you can easily miss the tiny road sign that announces "Goble." If you blink, you miss it.

    Looking on Googlemaps, you can clearly see a large ship moored at Goble. Is it still there, I wonder? By all accounts I have read, it seems to be in bad shape, but it's for sale, and could possibly have a new life if someone purchased her.

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    Default ineresting

    as always! you always inspire me to drive all over the state! LOL.

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    That' cool. I'm gonna look for it on google earth!

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    Google "River Queen Portland".....First entry. OJ

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    I have seen the sign for Goble several times, I will have to look for the Ferry next time we go through there. cool thanks for the info.
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    She's still there. I drive by it once a month or so.

    The current owner is trying to rebuild it back into a restaurant, but meth users have robbed it for scrap metal.
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    Just for further info, she is the former San Francisco Bay and later Puget Sound ferry Shasta, built in 1922 alongside the San Mateo, which sits in an even worse state abandoned along the Fraser River near Vancouver, BC.

    More info:
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    Default Steam Boat

    Wow this boat is real nice. It would be great to turn her into a resteraunt or get a group going and restore it. Did not see it close up so the damage may be more than I could see. Oh Im new here on this forum and looking foward to this forum.

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    That boat has been there for at least 6 years, My dad and I owned the old school in Goble for awhile.

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    she is a pretty one. hopefully they can get her restored. a restaurant on her would be nice.

    school in goble? how was that?

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