It's not a ghost town and it's history is vague, murky, wrapped in rumor, truth and half truth.
El Tiradito is on the National Register of Historical Places. It's also known as a wishing shrine. It's believed to be the only shrine in the United States dedicated to a sinner buried outside of consecrated ground. The story may be right, it maybe be wrong. I can tell you that snippets on the internet are wrong. Ghosts do not light the candles at night. Ladies come in their cars, light the candles, pay tribute and mediate on what is on their minds and leave. I've seen it before first hand many times. Haunted it is not.
I've pieced the story together from the historical marker and a web site run by a local artist.
In the 1870's at some point this started as a shrine. Supposedly, it was where a young man who made the mistake of falling in love with his mother-in-law was buried. A love triangle of the worse kind. His father-in-law discovered the affair and murdered him.
One must remember that this sprang up in the days before motion pictures, radio, television and such commonalities as DVDs, CDs.
A day where most stories and tales as such were told from person to person. A very early sop opera drama before such things were being broadcast over the airwaves.