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    Default Vernon, Nevada

    Vernon, NV is about 2 miles SW of Seven Troughs on the east side of the Seven Troughs Range and on the west side of the Sage Valley about 25 miles as the crow flies NW of Lovelock, NV.

    All that's left is the remains of the stone masonry jail. I first visited Vernon back in the late '80's and have pics of it then. Where those pics are now is another matter - I really need to go back and find them and get them digitally scanned - but I digress.

    Pics of how the jail looks today as seen from various angles. Posing my '85 Toyota rock crawler in the pics is deliberate: It's my way of saying thanks to a vehicle that's taken my son and I on many a back country ghost town hunting and exploration trip safely and has never left us.

    I hope you enjoy the pics.



    Looking to the NW and the Seven Troughs Range in the background.

    Looking towards the SE with the Sage Valley in the background. Lovelock is over the mountain range in the background. The smokey air all over Nevada last summer is apparent in this pic.

    Looking towards the SW with the Seven Troughs in the background.

    Looking to the NNE, you can see how long the Sage Valley is in this pic; actually pretty typical of the basin and range geology and geography of Nevada. Note the 13 year old Master Jackrabbit Hunter. He's been trying to steal that AR-15 BM/Armalite carbine from me since he was 11. He'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

    More pics here:

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    That jail was intact up until someone dynamited it about 1966.
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