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Thread: location of reymert az

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    Default location of reymert az

    I looking for some one to help with the location of reymert az. thank you. Buck

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    I was there but was not driving, so I'm not exactly sure. I do know you definately need 4-wheel if you take that road that goes up a wash. Some pretty wild boulder bouncing when we were there.

    There was a stone kiln or furnace thing standing, but not much else. Lots of trash and rusted cans and stuff. Seems like there was a small pond (more of a swamp). Wish I had taken pictures. Was there about 10 years ago.

    Good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by buck View Post
    I looking for some one to help with the location of reymert az. thank you. Buck

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    According to the listing on this site it was "bulldozed out of existance by a Phoenix company in the 1970's."

    I've read that in a couple of places.

    Its still shown on the free online topo map sites. I think there is a road that follows a wash from the north & a less terrible but longer way in from the state hwy to the west of the site.

    Good luck, if you go take pictures.

    Beautiful downtown Reymert, in the day.

    This might help.

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    Reymert: Near [N 33 13.789' W 111 12.546'], about 7 miles SW Superior. Named for the Reymert Mine [N 33 14.686' W 111 12.108'], owned by James DeNoon Reymert, publisher of the Pinal Drill in 1881. A post office existed from 1890 to 1898.
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    Default thanks to all

    Thanks to all for the info on reymert az.will wait till fall before I go. again thanks.Buck

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