Looking around in Google Earth tonight, I found myself spying one of the "location" markers with no community and asking myself "was there one there?"

This particular place, "Riparia," on the Snake River in southeast Washington, caught my attention, I don't really know why. However, looking closer at the image, I noticed some little clues. First, what would appear to be several foundations alongside the railroad tracks. Second, was what appeared to be a boat launch at first glance. However, closer inspection, including a matching shape on the opposite river bank, lead to to believe I had found bridge footings.

So, curious, I decided to search for the community, and to my surprise I discovered this website.

As it turns out, there was a bridge crossing for the railroad at Riparia.

Along with a hotel and railroad depot.

Further investigation reveals that the community had a post office from 1881 to 1963, and a school district until 1961, however today, little is left to mark that a town ever existed. However, this does make this inconspicuous locale a true ghost town worthy of our attention.

More information in the form of a time line of the town along with several more pictures can be found here.