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Thread: Death Valley "Unknown" Ghost Town Help.

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    Default Death Valley "Unknown" Ghost Town Help.

    So, I was told a story about a "ghost town" some of my friends stumbled upon in Death Valley while messing around called "Kaylinks" (Kailinks, Caylinks, etc. - I'm really not sure how it is spelt). It was a very interesting story and intrigued me a great deal, but I can't seem to find ANYTHING about it anywhere. I was told by my friends that after leaving the town, they mentioned it to a woman at a gas station who got very upset that they mentioned it, and later they found information on it that linked it with the Manson family. I'm very interested in finding out more about this town, so if anyone has any information regarding it, that'd be great. Thanks!

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    Because my own ablitys to spell are horribel, I think it is okay to point out that: "(Kailinks, Caylinks, etc. - I'm really not sure how it is spelt)" is great humer, unintentional or otherwise.

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