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Thread: Cotton Hollow, CT

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    Question Cotton Hollow, CT

    Hi all!

    I havent been on this site for awhile, but for some reason today I was drawn to it, so I was going through old posts here and I came across one located here:

    it mentioned a ghost town called Cotton Hollow, CT. I thought that I knew about all of the ghost towns in Connecticut (2 of which I got put onto this site) so this was a pleasant surprise!

    I went on google and couldent really find anything other than this ****** street in Naugatuck, Connecticut called Cotton Hollow Court haha =\ . I did find a really good new map site though:

    but anywheys so yeah. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this ghost town or a location of it?

    Im getting my driving permit in less than a month and my licence 6 months after that so im hopping to go ghost towning once I get my licence.
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    From what I can find, it is an abandoned mill site in South Glastonbury, Connecticut, on what is now the Cotton Hollow Preserve.
    I managed to come across an image of the mill in its heyday here.
    I also discovered an image of the ruins as they are today here.
    Good luck exploring, and let us know what it's like. I would be interested in making a trip there someday.
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    It's surprising to me how many of these old stone structures are still standing without any steel reinforcing like todays masonry buildings. This place must have been neat to see in its heyday.

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