While exploring the semi-abandoned mining town of Baltimore south of Rollins Pass Road and two 4 miles east of Rollinsville, Colorado, in Gilpin County, I noticed on my topo map, the community of Gilpin (is it a former mining town) about 2 miles south of Rollinsville and west of highway 119, on county road 12. There is a community of Gilpin just south of the Gilpin mine and west of the Victoria mine and north of the Snowline Lake and the Gettysburg mine. What is and was the Gilpin town or community. The community is platted out in about 11 town blocks. The county road 12 thru the south side of the community and west side of Snowline Lake and Lump Gulch. Is Gilpin a real community or some industrial area hidden away in the forest of lands of Gilpin County? One day I'll have to explore the area.