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Thread: Mystery site near Colorado/New Mexico border...

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    Default Mystery site near Colorado/New Mexico border...

    I'm hoping someone can solve this mystery. My dad and I have taken a route through Colorado from New Mexico many times, and each time we see the remains of what appears to be a small town or village. I last passed by there in September of this year, and if you were driving into Colorado from New Mexico on Interstate 25, its about 3 miles into Colorado on the left.
    The most prominent thing are the remains of an old church near the top of the hill. It appears to be made from stucco, not wood or brick. There are a few homes further down the hillside, and what appears to be the concrete remains of some old mill or mine. All our efforts to find information on this have turned up nothing. Between the highway and the site are railroad tracks, a road, and some tall fences. I think the buildings are on someone's private property, which may be why there seems to be no information. This has puzzled us for several years, and if anyone knows where I'm talking about, and can tell me something about it, I'd be very grateful. Thanks very much.

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    I haven't been down that way in years and wish that I could help ya. But I can say "Welcome to the forum, Gumby" and hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will chime in about your mystery site.

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    Found this link, I don't know the area very well but this may help you identify the town.
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    Default Your answer

    What you were looking at was the ruins of a town called Morley and the St Aloysius Catholic Church. It is on private land but a public road gets you close. Last time I was there I got permission to enter from the developer. It was a coal mining town that was in operation into the 1950's. The town was built as a mining town and occupants all had identical houses, company stores, and company scripts for groceries and the like. Most of what you will find at this site is foundations. Little remains to be seen. The area is being developed and homes are now being built there.

    If you look close as you travel on the road you will see other sites like Starkville. I-25 also follows the old Santa Fe trail over the mountains at Raton Pass.

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    Gumby...A couple of other threads on here re Morley. Just go to the search feature and search "Morley". Oh my. OJ

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    Default Morley pictures.

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