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    Am I right in thinking that the AWESOME Film that is Tombstone of 1993 was set in Mescal? And if so, does anyone know how far Mescal is from the real Tombstone, and if people can go visit?

    When I first watched Tombstone in the mid 90's and my Brother told me how it was based on true events, and that the town still stands today, I had automatically assumed it was filmed in the real town!

    I plan on going to Tombstone next year so if anyone can give me any tips or advice then I would appreciate it very much

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    Hope I can help out here. I have the directors cut of the film "Tombstone" on DVD, it has extra stuff which says; Most of the in town scenes were filmed in Mescal, AZ, which is between Tucson & Benson just north of I-10. It is a movie set, not a real old town. The lightning scenes & many others are filmed in the real Tombstone. So it's a bit of both.

    I belive Mescal is open to visitors, google em' up, but it's easy to find.

    Tombstone is worth a visit. I live here & have been to Tombstone many times. It is touristy now, but it is also much the same as it was "in the day." It is a living historic town. You can walk where "they walked" & it is real...I think the dust in the Birdcage theatre is actually from 1880!

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    Wuz easy to find. I just "googled" it
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