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    I installed a steering stabilizer two weeks ago. The first week I had no problems at all but a couple days ago while parking I heard a rather loud popping coming from my front end. I put the jeep back in the garage and checked all bolts and made sure my new stabilizer bolts were torqued to spec and made sure there were no clearance issues. This popping sound now announces itself everytime I turn. When I turn full left or right it pops when my steering wheel comes back almost to the center point. Further in-garage investigation revealed that when I hear the pop i can feel it most in the track bar. Any ideas guys??

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    Steering stabilizer not working properly...knocking track bar off track. Take to shop and let the pros handle it!

    ***oh yeah, don't turn***

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    I've put mine "securely" on jack stands, had a friend cycle the steering,
    while safely observing what's actually happening. 'Till you find whats
    going on, you wont be able to fix it.

    Kids don't try this at home......
    One time I had a squeal that I couldn't figure out. I put the Rubi on
    jack stands, put it in gear and let it run. I discovered that the oil
    seal on my front diff pinion gear had become dry. I hit it with a
    squirt from the oil can. Problem solved. Extremely cheap, permanent fix.

    Sometimes it's simple goofy things that you would never expect.

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    Well since you say it didn't start until after about a week after putting it on then logically it should be the stabilizer itself but cars are oddballs. I'd take it back off and then turn lock to lock. If it is indeed the stabilizer then double check to make sure they gave you the right one for your truck, one that is the proper length etc. It could also be an internal defect in the stabilizer. If it's not the right fit for your truck it could be causing too much stress on some ft. end components like the lower ball joints (Ball joints will make a popping sound) under full lock to lock.

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