Going a little further down the road from Rober's Roost is Nevada City, sister city to, and a mile and a half away from Virginia City. A tourist town/museum complete with buildings, wagons, and trains.

We stayed in the two story, heavily detailed, hotel. As you walk in, to the left was the saloon (for the men) and to the right was the parlor (for the women). The desk was in the center right next to the stairs with a hallway on both floors and rooms on either side. The restaraunt was next door and breakfast was a treat since I was introduced to the best buckwheat pancakes that I have ever tasted.

Across the street was the train depot complete with two steam locomotives and authentic passanger cars that were rebuilt to keep the look of that era. The trains would run between Nevada City and Virginia City...if you didn't want to drive.

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Main Street.

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Side street.

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Livery Stable made famous in the movie "Return To Lonesome Dove".

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House (in background is train depot (red building) with passanger car to the right).

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School bell and buildings in town.