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    While driving north out of Silverton, Colorado and towards Ouray on 550 (the million dollar highway) in 2004, my sister and I saw some old buildings on both sides of the road. One building on the west side of the road was clearly labelled LARSEN BROTHERS MINE. There was a trail to a mine, but since we were short on time and did not know how long the trail might be, we did not go down it. There were several buildings standing on the east side of the highway, and at least one collapsed building.

    I have not been able to find any information anywhere about this mine or the old buildings or the town (it if was one).

    Can anyone fill in the blanName:  DSCN0421_0304.jpg
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    Nice post, June. Thanks....Speedy

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    Red Mountain Mining district,just above the ghost town of Ironton.

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    Check this url for info on Ironton, the Larson brothers and hear Milt Larson the last resident talk about it on I've got a secret...
    Visit Colorado Ghost Towns at

    No Sales pitch just plenty of photos and stories.

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    Good stuff June. Thanks for the pix.

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