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Thread: Rejoining

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    Unhappy Rejoining

    Why must a person rejoin Ghosttown Forums just because they haven't posted in two or three years.
    I had to re-register and was not allowed to use my former user name of Walkingsticks nor my former email address. I think this is unfair, at least the part where I had to get another user name and email address because of such strange rules. The reason I quit posting was because I was just too busy doing other things and now have a little time on my hands. In fact this past winter I discovered two ghost town sites that I could find little about and a strange rock foot bridge in a hidden canyon with no trail leading to it or away from it, yet it was in fairly good shape yet. And I came upon the foundations of a small ghost village that no one seemed to know anything about. And there is one town I have not made it to because one needs a 4 wheel drive to get there and its too far to walk to that is suppose to have lots of old mining equipment, but it might be Davis City.

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    Dunno for sure, but there was a recent software upgrade that probably changed things. Welcome back, the forum is getting more active now.

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    Your old account is still active and ready to use, not sure why it wouldn't let you in unless you failed the password too many times. If you want, I can send you a password reset to the email listed on the account.

    I purged the members list awhile back, but only deleted users that had never posted and hadn't logged in the last 2 years. But like I said, I just checked and yours is there.
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